We have released our public BETA version of YouPivot & TimeMarks. This is 100% free, and available today. As we improve our software, we will put the updates into your hands.

YouPivot - Revolutionary Contextual Search

You can begin to search and browse your history (digital and real world) by context. Search for a file, based on the song you were listening to. Find that website you were reading, right before that call from mom. All With YouPivot.

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TimeMarks - Save an Entire Moment for Later

If you are doing research, programming, or even planning a trip, you may have many many tabs open simultaneously. Use a TimeMark to save everything you are doing, right now. No need to organize, or bookmark. Just click the TimeMark icon, and everything is saved.

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Web History - More Powerful and Intuitive

YouPivot and TimeMarks also provides a new interface to your traditional web history. Right now, it is just cleaner and easier to use. As we release updates, we will allow you to filter your content, and perform live search for faster history traversal!

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